About Middlesex

Welcome to the Middlesex Operator’s Manual, the Online Version

A Citizens’ Guide to Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Your Town

This is the online version of the printed manual available around town. We hope to keep the online version more up-to-date than the printed version. Just as you keep printed Middlesex Operator’s Manual someplace handy in your home we hope you’ll bookmark the Town of Middlesex website on your computer and use this to keep a finger on the pulse of your town.

You might get informed.

New residents can use this website to get oriented in your new community. Longtime residents can have names and numbers at their fingertips. Business people can use the Business & Services Directory to publicize their work. Customer (and we’re all customers sometimes!) can use the Business & Services Directory section to hire their neighbors.

You might get inspired.

Middlesex is much more than a bedroom community for Montpelier. As shown in the pages of this website, Middlesex has many opportunities for democratic participation, neighborly communications, volunteerism, business connections, and more.

You might get involved. Why not?

The political scientists who study such things have made a remarkable finding: the better connections we have with each other, the more successful our community will be. It’s a fact: the more day-to-day interactions we have as neighbors (and the better understanding and trust that comes from them), the healthier our citizens, the more vibrant our economy, the stronger and richer our democracy. Civic participation isn’t just about “duty” – it will pay personal dividends for all of us.

A few notes about this Website

This website is intended to be used simply as a helpful first step, to guide you to official sources for more in-depth information as needed. It was created for your convenience by volunteers, and should not be considered an official town document, or the last word on any topic. When in doubt, go directly to the agency involved.

We have tried to limit ourselves to listing resources that exist within the Town of Middlesex. In some cases we’ve slipped outside our borders to include those that are particularly necessary to residents (for example, health care), with a special focus on those that we are asked to fund with local tax dollars. Naturally, residents have an enormous variety of libraries, news sources, and other resources available to them; again, we have tried to focus on those with the most relevance to our town. If you know of a relevant resource that’s missing, please let us know, so that it can be included on this website.

We try to include the most current information. For the most up-to-date official information about town officers and issues, contact the Town Clerk’s office.

Enjoy your town!

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Middlesex Town Meeting Solutions Committee