Post Office

It’s a funny thing about Middlesex: we have no post office, but two zip codes. Why?

Because Middlesex no longer has its own post office, we are served by those of the surrounding towns. Most Middlesex residents are served by the Montpelier Post Office; their town/city mailing address is Middlesex. They can pick up packages, etc. at the Montpelier Post Office, and their zip code is the same as Montpelier’s: 05602. (The Montpelier Post Office is located at 87 State Street, phone 802-229-1718.)

Middlesex residents who live on the north side of town are served by the Worcester Post Office. These residents’ town/city mailing address is North Middlesex. North Middlesex is a creation of the postal system—a mailing entity only (not a political entity). It is made up of seven roads: Chase Road, North Bear Swamp Road, Macey Road, Wood Road, Storey Road, PR 1, and part of West Hill Road. North Middlesex residents can pick up packages, etc. at the Worcester Post Office and their zip code is the same as Worcester’s: 05682. (The Worcester Post Office is located on Rt. 12 next to the country store, phone 802-229-4233.)

Putting up a new mailbox. If you are putting up a new mailbox, be in touch with your post office about the specifications. The general standard recommends that you leave 48” from the bottom of the box to the ground; however, different rural carriers have different vehicles and some recommend a different height.

Your address. Your street number is issued by the town, not by the post office. If you have questions about your address, contact the Town Clerk’s office (802-223-5915).