Contact List


Emergency Phone Numbers

Middlesex Fire Department: 911
Montpelier Ambulance / Middlesex Fast Squad: 911
Vermont State Police (K-Troop): 229-9191

Vermont Emergency Management Disaster Preparation Booklet:
 also available at the State Police barracks.

Fire & Emergency
Use these numbers for non-emergencies:

                 Fire Chief: Doug Hanson, 229-6361
                 Fire Warden: Jason Merrill, 229-4797 Cell – 793-6069
                 Emergency Management Coordinator: Paul Otenti,  (802)505-5272

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Boards and Committees

Conservation Commission
Lee Rosberg, Chair: (802) 309-1629
George Longenecker, Vice- Chair: (802) 229-9787
Dave Shepard, Secretary:  229-1744
Heather Katz, Treasurer: 613-3174
Richard Alderman, Secretary, 223-3953
Larry Becker, 229-0296
Seth Coffey, 802-371-5094

Planning Commission

Steve Martin, Chair, 371-8697
Barry Bolio, 229-0433
Troy Sumner, (802) 793-2273
Mitch Osiecki (802) 760-9674
Sandy Levine, (802)223-1192

Select Board

Peter Hood, Chair 223-6518 (H), 223-9644 (W), 371-8042 (C)
Phil Hyjek, 223-0521
Mary Just Skinner, Vice-Chair 223-7123 (H), 229-0200 (W)
Liz Scharf, 223-9189 (H)
Steve Martin, 371-8697 (C)
Sarah Merriman, Clerk, 802-223-5915

Town Meeting Solutions Committee

Susan Clark,  223-5824 (H)

Wrightsville Beach Recreation District Board

Jane Dudley, 229-0177

Zoning Board of Adjustment
Charlene Bohl: 229-9908
Roger Hirt, 223-0531
John Demeter,  272-3548
Phil Hyjek: 223-0521
Daniel Crisp: 473-4231

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Middlesex Town Office and Officials

Town Clerk: Sarah Merriman
Assistant Town Clerk: Maryke Gillis
Address: 5 Church Street, Middlesex, VT 05602
Phone: 802-223-5915  FAX: 802-223-1298
E-mail [email protected]
Monday – Thursday 8:30-4:30
Closed on Fridays.

Middlesex Town Garage:  229-0838 (Paul Cerminara, Road Foreman)

Animal Control Officer

Erika Holm, Cell: 249-2127  Home: 223-3556.  If Erika is unavailable, please contact Health Officer Liz Fortman (802)249-1058.

Budget Committee

George Longenecker, 229-9787
Bill Dorigan, 223-1030
Barry Bolio, 229-0433
Elias Gardner, 778-0899
Ruth Dockter, 229-5744

Collector of Delinquent Taxes
 Dorinda Crowell 223-7781

Cemetery Contacts

Middlesex Center Cemetery
Steve Martin, Chair, 371-8697

Middlesex Cemetery Commission (
Carr Cemetery, North Branch Cemetery, and Middlesex Village Cemetery)
Gary Lamell,  223-2710
Janet McKinstry, 223-5997
Evelyn Gant, 223-6488

Health Officer

Liz Fortman, (802)249-1058

Justices of the Peace

Peter Hood, 223-6518
Theo Kennedy, 223-4748
Doug Lombard, 229-9600
Chris McVeigh, 223-6558
Charles Merriman, 249-8096
Dexter Lefavour, 223-7829


Richard Alderman, 223-3953
Eric Young, 229-9908
Amy Whitehorne 229-2082

Middlesex Fire Department

Chief:  Doug Hanson – 229-6361


Susan Clark, 42 McCullough Hill Rd; 223-5824, Click Here to Send Me Email

Recreation Director (Please contact him to reserve the Town Field by Rumney School for baseball/soccer.)

Mitch Osiecki: (802) 760-9674

Road Commissioner

Steve Martin (C), 371-8697

Road Foreman

Paul Cerminara, (C) 802-399-7216  (W) 229-0838

Town Service Officer

Liz Scharf, 223-9189 (H)

Treasurer/Trustee of Public Funds

Dorinda Crowell,  223-7781

Zoning Administrator

Mitch Osiecki: (802) 760-9674

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School Contacts

Rumney School

Address: 433 Shady Rill
Road, Middlesex, VT 05602
Phone: 802-223-5429  FAX: 802-223-0750
E-mail Click Here to Send Email

Rumney School Board
Brian Tagliaferro, 249-6572
Karolyn May, Vic-Chair 868-0031
Chris McVeigh, Chair 223-6558
Alison Cornwall, Clerk 498-7778
Woden Teachout 223-3606

U-32 High School

Address: 930 Gallison Hill Road, Montpelier, VT 05602
Phone: 802-229-0321

U-32 School Board

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Community Contacts

All numbers are 802 area code unless otherwise noted.

Bandstand:  ”Martha Pellerin & Andy Shapiro Memorial  Bandstand”

Central VT Regional Planning Commission  Representative

Central VT Solid Waste Management District Representative

Central VT Solid Waste Management District Offices


Middlesex United Methodist Church
David Light, Pastor
10 Church Street, Middlesex
Cell: 802-777-1733, Home: 802-372-4877

Shady Rill Baptist Church
For more information call Tonya Brett, 229-5458
Or Charles Brett, 223-6706.

Cub Scouts (For Boy Scouts see above)

Fishing Derby

  • Heather or Jason Collier, 229-1245

Food Shelf: (at Middlesex United Methodist Church)

Checks can be made out and mailed to:  Middlesex Food Shelf
c/o David Carkeet
418 Macey Road
North Middlesex, VT  05682

Girls/Boyz First!! Community Based Mentoring Program

Green Up Day
Green Up Vermont, 229-4586

Historical Society

Patty Wiley, 272-8074
Sarah Seidman, 223-4828
Richard Alderman, 223-3953 (H) 272-1192 (C)

Learn to Swim Program

Rumney Community School Partnership


Rumney Community Connections

Karen Allen, Site Coordinator: phone: 223-5429 x 322, Click Here to Send Me Email

Rumney PTO

Rumney Playgroup (for pre-schoolers)

  • Jennifer Miller-Arsenault, 229-5463

U-32 Boosters Club

  • Darcy Cacacio, 223-4318

U-32 Project Graduation

  • Jane Tolassi, 229-0321

Washington Central Friends of Education

Wrightsville Beach Picnic Shelters Reservations

Collin O’Neal, Wrightsville Beach Manager, 223-7774
Laurie Emery, Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission 229-0389

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