Contact List


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Emergency Phone Numbers

Middlesex Fire Department: 911
Montpelier Ambulance / Middlesex Fast Squad: 911
Vermont State Police (K-Troop): 802-229-9191

Vermont Emergency Management Disaster Preparation Booklet:
 also available at the State Police barracks.

Fire & Emergency
Use these numbers for non-emergencies:

                 Fire Chief: Eric Metivier
                 Fire Warden: Jason Merrill, 802-229-4797 Cell: 802-793-6069
                 Emergency Management Coordinator:  Stephen Dennis

Middlesex Town Garage:  802-229-0838 Road Foreman, Eric Metivier: email- Eric Metivier (C) 802-752-5092
Road Commissioner Vic Dwire – 802-522-8271.
Tree Warden: Gary Lamell

Middlesex Town Office and Officials

Town Clerk: Sarah Merriman
Assistant Town Clerk: Cheryl Grandfield
Treasurer: Cheryl Grandfield
Address: 5 Church Street, Middlesex, VT 05602
Phone: 802-223-5915  FAX: 802-223-1298
Office E-mail:
Monday – Thursday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Closed on Fridays. 

Middlesex Town Garage:  802-229-0838 Road Foreman: Eric Metivier(C) 802-752-5092

(To email individuals, please click on the hyperlinks of their names.)

Middlesex Select Board
Liz Scharf, Chair  802-223-9189
Randy Drury, Vice Chair, 802-793-7635
Vic Dwire, 802-522-8271
Peter Hood, 802-371-8042
Zara Vincent, 802-355-1400 

Sarah Merriman, Select Board Assistant, 802-223-5915


Animal Control Officer
Christina Steinbrecher, Cell: 802-223-7694 If Christina is unavailable, please contact Deputy Health Officer Liz Fortman, 802-249-1058.

Budget Committee
Mark Harris , Chair 802-522-7362
Samantha Beaudoin, 
Randy Drury, 802-793-7635
Elias Gardner, 802-778-0899
George Longenecker,  802-229-9787
Zara Vincent, 802-355-1400

Collector of Delinquent Taxes
Cheryl Grandfield, 802-223-5915

Cemetery Contacts
Middlesex Center Cemetery (Private, on Center Road)
Steve Martin, 802-371-8697

Middlesex Cemetery Commission (
Carr Cemetery, North Branch Cemetery, and Middlesex Village Cemetery)
Gary Lamell,  802-223-2710
Janet McKinstry, 802-223-5997
Evelyn Gant, 802-223-6488

E911 Coordinator
Mitch Osiecki:  802-760-9674

Emergency Management Coordinator
Stephen Dennis

Dr. Robert Penney, 802-734-6075
Liz Fortman, 802-249-1058, Deputy

Justices of the Peace
Dorinda Crowell, 802-223-7781
Theo Kennedy,802- 223-4748
John Demeter, 802- 272-3548
Chris McVeigh, 802-272-7871
Mary Just Skinner, 802-223-7123
Jan Thouron, 802-793-1177

Samantha Beaudoin
Shelley DesJardin
Annette Halasz

Contact the listers at 223-5915, or by email  –

Middlesex Fire Department
Chief:  Eric Metivier

Susan Clark, 42 McCullough Hill Rd; 802-223-5824, 

Recreation Director (Please contact him to reserve the Town Field by Rumney School for baseball/soccer.)
Mitch Osiecki:  802-760-9674

Road Commissioner
Vic Dwire  802-522-8271

Cheryl Grandfield,  802-223-5915

Zoning Administrator
Kevin Thompson, 802-595-3464

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Boards and Committees

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Conservation Commission

Adrienne Magida, Chair
Lee Rosberg, 802-309-1629
Larry Becker, 229-0296
Ross Liepblappen, 781-424-7268
George Longenecker,  802-229-9787
Dave Shepard, 802- 229-1744
Jon Udis, 802-272-8842

Planning Commission:
CLICK HERE to send emails to members of the Planning Commission
Sandy Levine, Chair, 802-223-1192
Paula Otenti
Elle O’Casey
Mitch Osiecki, 802- 760-9674

Development Review Board
Peter Raymond
Sandra Levine
Mitch Osiecki
Larry Rooney
Stacey Skadberg
Charlene Bohl 
Roger Hirt 
Larry Rooney 

Town Meeting Solutions Committee
Susan Clark,  802-223-5824 

Wrightsville Beach Recreation District Board
Aric Brown

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School Contacts

Rumney School

Address: 433 Shady Rill
Road, Middlesex, VT 05602
Phone: 802-223-5429  FAX: 802-223-0750
E-mail Click Here to Send Email

U-32 Middle and High School
Address: 930 Gallison Hill Road, Montpelier, VT 05602
Phone: 229-0321

Washington Central  Unified Union School District

On July 1, 2019 the individual school districts of Berlin, Calais, East Montpelier, Middlesex (Rumney Memorial), U-32 Middle/High, and Worcester (Doty Memorial) merged together as a single school district. The Middlesex representatives are:

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Community Contacts

All numbers are 802 area code unless otherwise noted.

Bandstand:  “Martha Pellerin & Andy Shapiro Memorial  Bandstand”

Central VT Regional Planning Commission  Representative

Central VT Solid Waste Management District Representative
Adele McDonough, 229-9874
Jon Udis, 272-8842

Planning Commission
Sandy Levine, Chair, 223-1192

Central VT Solid Waste Management District Offices

Green Up Day
Green Up Vermont, 229-4586

Historical Society

Patty Wiley, 272-8074
Sarah Seidman, 223-4828

Wrightsville Beach Picnic Shelters Reservations

Collin O’Neal, Wrightsville Beach Manager, 223-7774
Laurie Emery, Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission 229-0389

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