Law Enforcement

Law enforcement in Middlesex may be provided by the State Police, Washington County Sheriff’s Office or Town Constable. Enforcement of speed limits is currently being carried out by the State Police under a contract with the town. Each year the town authorizes a certain amount of money for speed limit enforcement. This translates into contracting with the State Police for a certain number of hours of their time.

The Town Constable responds to various complaints including: dog control problems, loud parties, vehicles blocking the road or driveways, excessive vehicle speed, trash burning and trash dumping. The Constable may work with the State Police in certain situations. (See Contacts)

All About Dogs in Middlesex

Dog Licenses: All dogs in Middlesex should be licensed by April 1st of each year. The fee is $10.00 for a neutered male or spayed female and $14.00 for a non-neutered male or non-spayed female.  After April 1st a late fee of $2.00 is added.  A small portion of these fees goes to the state of Vermont with the rest going to the town of Middlesex. Dog licenses are issued by the Town Clerk (phone: 802-223-5915).

If you have a complaint about a barking dog, contact the Town Constable. (See Contacts). Likewise, if you come across an unaccompanied dog, contact the Town Constable, who will contact the owner. Dogs are not allowed to run at large—that is, off the owner’s property. Dogs off the owner’s property must be accompanied by a person able to keep the animal under control, either by a leash or voice command. Complaints about dog bites should be reported to the Health Officer. (See Contacts)

Unlicensed dogs are brought to the animal shelter. (Middlesex has a contract with the Central Vermont Humane Society, phone 802-476-3811.) The shelter will hold them for eight days before putting them up for adoption. In order to retrieve a dog from the animal shelter, the owner must have proof of registration, proof of rabies vaccination and must pay a fine. If there are three written complaints about a dog, the Select Board can hold a hearing about
the matter.