Zoning and Building Permits

The town of Middlesex is divided up into zoning districts. Different kinds of development are permitted in each of the districts. A copy of Middlesex’s zoning regulations are available on this website, including a map showing the zoning districts and the building standards within each or can be obtained from the Town Clerk. If you’re doing work on the outside of a building in Middlesex, you’ll probably need a an application for a zoning permit. Zoning permits are required for erecting, constructing, enlarging or moving any building or structure, excavation or landfill, any change in the use of any building or other structure, or land or extension of use of land (for example, changing from residential use to commercial use). If you’re installing or changing your driveway, you may need an access permit. Access permits are required for the construction of, or change in the use of, driveways intercepting Town Highways. Remember: you need to obtain the permit before you begin construction.

Permit applications are available above or at the Town Clerk’s Office; see fee schedule below. Usually a zoning permit can be issued by the action of the Zoning Administrator. The Zoning Administrator must either approve or deny an application for a zoning permit within the 30-day period prescribed by law; otherwise, the permit receives automatic approval. If the zoning administrator denies your request for a permit, you may appeal the decision to the Zoning Board of Adjustment (Zoning Board of Adjustment Hearing Application).

Permit Fee Schedule (as of Jan 10, 2007) Note: Fees double for projects which have initiated construction before a permit is issued.

  • Residential, commercial or industrial project under $25,000. $75.00
  • Residential project over $25,000. $200.00
  • Commercial or industrial project over $25,000. $325.00
  • Sub-Division Fees (per lot). $125.00 Home Industry. $125.00
  • Access Permit Fee: $35.00 (new)
  • Hearing Fees Zoning Board of Adjustment: $75.00

Attention: If you are planning to build a new home, add new buildings, put an addition on your present home, install a pool, etc.? Please take special notice not to infringe into the electric utility’s right-of way. If you have questions about possible infringement, please contact the specific electrical utility.