Zoning Regulations & Permits

Revised & Approved Middlesex Land Use & Development Regulations

On January 10, 2017 the Middlesex Select Board approved the final revisions to the Middlesex Land Use & Development Regulations. The full text can be found by clicking January 10, 2017 Approved Land Use Regulations.

Middlesex Zoning Regulations – Approved January 10, 2017 


Appendix 1. Definitions

Interactive Zoning Map (The 2016 Grand List is linked to this map. Use the Identify tool to access this data).

Access and Zoning Permits

Access Permits are required for the installation of driveways.  Projects requiring new driveways or new access to a public road must have an access permit approved by the Middlesex Road Commissioner; or if access is required to a State road, the Vermont State District Highway Engineer prior to starting the project.

Access Permit Fees:  $35  2014 Driveway Access Permit

Zoning Permits are required for erecting, constructing, enlarging or moving any buildings or structures, excavation or landfill, any change in the use of any building or other structure, or land or extension of use of land.

Zoning Fees:

  • Residential, commercial or industrial project under $25,000:  $75.00
  • Residential project over $25,000:  $200.00
  • Commercial or industrial project over $25,000:  $325.00
  • Sub-Division Fees (per lot):  $125.00
  • Home Industry:  $125.00

Fees Double if Work is Commenced Before Issuance of a Permit. Zoning Permit Application

IMPORTANT:  Vermont’s Building Energy Codes – the Vermont Residential Building Energy Standards (VTRBES) – are minimum standards of energy efficiency that apply to all new residential construction, renovations, alterations and repairs in Vermont. For more information, please refer to http://publicservice.vermont.gov/energy_efficiency/rbes or request a Vermont Residential Building Energy Code Handbook from the Town Clerk’s Office.

*NOTE* After March 1, 2015, an RBES Certificate must be recorded in the Middlesex Land Records in order to receive a Certificate of Occupancy. (30 V.S.A.§51)