Town-wide Reappraisal




The Town of Middlesex is undergoing a town-wide reappraisal for the Grand List year 2017. The Town has contracted Richard M. Lewis Appraisal Services, which conducted the 2003 reappraisal and the 2010 update. Half the town will be inspected in 2015 and the other half in 2016.  

Rich drives a black Honda CR-V and his vehicle is equipped with identifying information.  Please call Rich @ 802-476-8129 if you have questions about the re-appraisal

  • Town Clerk’s Office Hours & Contact Info.

    OFFICE HOURS: The Middlesex Town Clerk’s Office is open to the public from 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Thursday. The office is closed on Fridays. We no longer require appointments unless you request one due to COVID precautions. Please call 802-223-5915 for assistance.
    Town Clerk: Sarah Merriman
    Assistant Town Clerk: Cheryl Grandfield
    Address: 5 Church Street, Middlesex, VT 05602
    Phone: 802-223-5915
    Fax: 802-223-1298