Neighborhood Watch Program

Personal Safety, Security and Crime Prevention Tips for Everyone!

The Town of Middlesex website has been chosen by a group of young people who have utilized our Neighborhood Watch information as a resource for their safety project.  Follow this link to see the results of their good work!  There is great information here for both adults and children alike!

Another group of young people have been researching crime prevention and offered the following website: as a great source of information.  Check it out!

Vermont State Police E-mail Tip Line

The newly appointed Station Commander at Middlesex is Lieutenant Matt Nally. Lt. Nally takes over for Paul White, who was promoted to Captain and is serving as the A-Troop Commander now. A-Troop includes Middlesex, Williston, and St. Albans VSP Stations. Lt. Nally announced the establishment of an email tip-line for the communities served by Middlesex. The goal is to provide a discreet manner for folks to offer up information which may be of value in public safety related community matters. The address is  The VSP may also be contacted via telephone (non-emergency) at 802-229-9191.

Tips to Prevent Home Burglaries

This link was provided by two young ladies who have been using our Neighborhood Watch FAQs as a tool for a summer camp project.  In return they are sharing some tips that they found on line. Be safe!

Middlesex Neighborhood Watch Committee Members   7/30/2013

Tammy Picard
Private Road Three
Middlesex, VT  05602

Portal Road

Mary Hood Alexander
89 Portal Road
Middlesex, VT  05602

Geraldine Vatan
110 Portal Road
Middlesex, VT  05602

McCullough Hill

Mike Pelchar
193 McCullough Hill Road
Middlesex, VT  05602

Susan Clark
42 McCullough Hill Road
Middlesex, VT  05602


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is Middlesex Neighborhood Watch?
A:  Middlesex Neighborhood Watch is a group of Middlesex residents working to prevent crime before it happens, and help keep our community safe.

Q:  Why should we have a Neighborhood Watch?
A:  In his presentation to Middlesex residents, Vermont police officer Paul White stated that statistics show that in places with a Neighborhood Watch sign, crime goes down.

Q:  What do Neighborhood Watch participants do?
A:  There are three basic actions for all neighbors in a Neighborhood Watch program:

  1. Unusual behavior: Call your neighbor and make sure things are okay. Just because it’s unusual doesn’t mean it is suspicious. If unable to contact your neighbor, make a few notes for future reference if needed.
  2. Suspicious behavior: Call the Middlesex State Police at 802-229-9191 or via e-mail their tip line: and give them as much information as possible. They will determine if they need to investigate further.
  3. Unlawful Behavior: call 911.

Q:  Isn’t this what good neighbors do for each other anyway?
A:  Yes! Neighborhood Watch is a way to encourage “good neighbor” behavior. It is also a way to offer information — guidelines in case of doubt, and to strengthen communication among residents and law enforcement officials.  Neighborhood Watch is not a vigilante committee. It is not to be an invasion of privacy. It is just neighbors watching out for neighbors.  And of course, you don’t have to have a “Neighborhood Watch” sign on your road to watch out for your neighbors.

Q:  Does Neighborhood Watch confront suspected criminals?
A:  No, never. No one is to approach anyone, for any reason, under any circumstance, on behalf of Neighborhood Watch.
Committee members are not “on call.” Committee members are not trained in law enforcement and should never be called upon to act in the place of a police officer. If you witness unusual, suspicious or unlawful behavior, take the actions noted under #3 above.

Q:  How do I start a “Neighborhood Watch” in my part of Middlesex?
A:  Contact Mike Pelchar (  Anyone wanting a Neighborhood Watch sign on their road needs to find two people from separate households on their road ready to join the Middlesex Neighborhood Watch committee.  Mike will submit your request to the Middlesex Selectboard. All requests must be approved by them. Once approved they will then decide, with the road foreman, where and when the “Neighborhood Watch” signs will be placed depending on the town budget, where work is already scheduled, etc. It will then be up to committee members to inform their neighbors about the signs and how to use the Neighborhood Watch program. Thanks to Tammy Picard for arranging with the Middlesex State Police barracks to provide Neighborhood Watch signs for our community.

Q:  So there is a town-wide Neighborhood Watch committee—what will it do?
A:   Each road or area of Middlesex that has Neighborhood Watch signs will have representative(s) on the town-wide committee. The goal of the Middlesex Neighborhood Watch Committee is connect neighbors with each
other to help improve safety, to inform residents about ways to decrease the risk of criminal activity, and encourage residents to help each other keep Middlesex safe and crime-free. To these ends, the committee may take actions including (but not limited to): hosting neighborhood gatherings to help neighbors know each other; distributing information on crime prevention; hosting informational events; and other activities. This is not a committee with a lot of meetings; it’s a group of neighbors collaborating to improve community safety. Committee members agree to attend Neighborhood Watch meetings (possibly 2 per year) and to inform and remind all neighbors on what to do if they see something that is not quite right. The committee makes sure the information we send out is aligned with the Select Board and the Middlesex State Police.

Q:  How can Front Porch Forum be used to strengthen Neighborhood Watch?
A:  Vermont police officer Paul White told Middlesex residents that Front Porch Forum is “a great example of what Neighborhood Watch is” — a way to keep communication lines open. This is where we all can pull together to help solve things that happen in our neighborhood. People witnessing unusual or suspicious behavior, in addition to taking the steps mentioned above (#3), are encouraged to post their concerns on Front Porch Forum.
Also, remember to follow up. For instance, if you have posted unusual behavior (“a mysterious car pulled into my driveway at 3 a.m.”) and you later discover a legitimate reason for the activity, please ALSO post this information (“Yesterday I posted concerns about a car at 3:00 a.m. I found out this morning that it was my neighbor’s son coming home from college and turning up the wrong driveway.”) It’s only good manners to take a load off everyone’s mind whenever possible.

Q:  What if I have other questions about Middlesex Neighborhood Watch?
A:  Please contact Mike Pelchar:

  • Town Clerk’s Office Hours & Contact Info.

    OFFICE HOURS: The Middlesex Town Clerk’s Office is open to the public from 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Thursday. The office is closed on Fridays. We no longer require appointments unless you request one due to COVID precautions. Please call 802-223-5915 for assistance.
    Town Clerk: Sarah Merriman
    Assistant Town Clerk: Cheryl Grandfield
    Address: 5 Church Street, Middlesex, VT 05602
    Phone: 802-223-5915
    Fax: 802-223-1298