Middlesex Fire Department: 911

Neighbors who volunteer to save lives: Middlesex’s Fire Department and Fast Squad are made up entirely of trained volunteers. Above, Middlesex Fire Department volunteers train with fire fighters from neighboring towns. Photo by Mark Bushnell.

The Middlesex Fire Department is operated entirely by volunteers. Any interested resident can join the Fire Department as a regular member or associate member. Associate members do not actually fight fires, but can assist the Fire Department in various ways, such as working at the base station or offering on-site support of the firemen. The Fire Department has a training meeting the first Tuesday of each month and a business meeting the third Tuesday.

Middlesex has mutual aid agreements with all of the surrounding towns. Equipment owned by the Fire Department includes two pumper trucks, one tanker truck, one rescue truck and one pickup truck. The smaller pumper and the pickup are housed at Station 2 by the Town Garage (near Rumney School), with the remainder of the vehicles located at the main station located at 55 Welch Park Drive. (See Contacts)

Medical First Response service is provided by the Middlesex FAST Squad, made up of trained volunteer members of the community. The FAST squad responds to 911 calls requesting assistance for trauma (injury) or medical emergencies. (See Contacts)

Middlesex has a Fire Department Auxiliary whose main function is to support the Fire Department through fundraising activities, building community support, and providing on-scene support to the Fire Department with food and beverages. The Auxiliary conducts a number of annual fundraising events including a rummage sale, haunted house and Christmas tree sale. (See Contacts)

Middlesex’s Fire Warden enforces laws designed to prevent forest fires. The Warden is the person you should call if you want to get a permit for open burning. The Warden may go onto private property to extinguish fires (or call the Fire Department to do so) and may fine or arrest anyone who violates laws pertaining to forest fires. The Fire Warden is appointed by the commissioner of the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation with the approval of the Select Board, for a term of five years or until a successor is appointed. (See Contacts)