Town Meeting Results

2016 Town Meeting Voting Results

2016 Town Meeting Totals
Town Clerk (1-year term)Sarah Merriman667
Treasurer (1-year term)Cindy Carlson660
Trustee of Public Funds (1-year term)Cindy Carlson651
Delinquent Tax Collector (1-year term)Cindy Carlson644
Select Board (3-year term)Mary Just Skinner578
Select Board (2-year term)Elizabeth Scharf609
Auditor (3-year term)Vacant0
Budget Committee (2-years of 3-year term)Barry Bolio519
Budget Committee (2-years of 3-year term)Elias K. Gardner513
Budget Committee (2-years of 3-year term)Ruth Dockter486
Cemetery Commission (1-year of 3-year term)Gary Lamell642
Cemetery Commission (3-year term)Evelyn Gant601
Planning Commission (3-year term)Thea Schwartz585
Lister (3-year term)Eric Young580
2016 Middlesex (Rumney) School District Totals
School Director (2-year term)Chris McVeigh605
School Director (3-year term)Karoline May545
School Director (2 years of 3-year term)Carolyn Kiniry Roberge
U-32 Director (3-year term)Adrienne Magida593
Reserve FundYes547
Authorize School Board to borrow money in anticipation of the revenues.Yes471

2015 Town Meeting Voting Results

2015 Town Meeting Totals
Town Clerk (1-year term)Sarah Merriman403
Treasurer (1-year term)Cindy Carlson399
Trustee of Public Funds (1-year term)Cindy Carlson395
Delinquent Tax Collector (1-year term)Cindy Carlson395
Select Board (3 year term)Peter O. Hood373
Select Board (2-year term)Steven Martin368
Auditor (3-year term)Vacant0
Auditor (1-year term)Vacant0
Budget Committee (3-year term)George Longenecker351
Budget Committee (3-year term)William E. Dorigan340
Budget Committee (3-year term)Vacant0
Cemetery Commission (3-year term)Janet McKinstry386
Lister (3-year term)Richard Alderman367
Planning Commission (3-year term)Richard Alderman360
Planning Commission (3-year term)John W. Krezinski348

2015 Middlesex (Rumney) School District

2015 Middlesex (Rumney) School District Count
School Director (2-year term)Brian Tagliaferro338
School Director (3-year term)Julie Moore358
Budget: $3,032,670Yes260
Reserve FundYes310
Authorize School Board to borrow money in anticipation of the revenuesYes295
2014 Town Meeting Totals
Town ClerkSarah Merriman318
TreasurerCindy Carlson317
Trustee of Public FundsCindy Carlson320
Delinquent Tax CollectorCindy Carlson318
Select Board (3 years)William Callnan292
Select Board (2 years)Liz Scharf296
Budget Committee (1 year)George Longenecker286
Auditor (3 years)Helen Weed303
Auditor (3 years)Vacant0
Auditor (1 year)Vacant0
Planning Commission (3 years)Steven Martin288
Lister (3 years)Caleb Deane278

2014 Middlesex (Rumney) School District

2014 Middlesex (Rumney) School District  
School Director (1 year of 2 year term)Mark Bushnell290
School Director (2 years)Chris McVeigh302
School Director (3 years)Jonathan Lauri Scharf292
Budget: $2,575,355 Yes184
Reserve FundYes247
$28,000 Appropriation to Capital Fund for 20 new bathroomsYes240
2013 Town Meeting March 5, 2013 Totals
Town ClerkCindy Carlson256
TreasurerCindy Carlson279
Trustee of Public FundsCindy Carlson281
Selectboard (3 Years)Mary Just Skinner275
Selectboard (2 Years)Steve Martin295
Delinquent Tax Collector (1 Year)Cindy Carlson287
Cemetery Commission (3 Years)Gary Lamell334
Cemetery Commission (3 Years)Michael S. Patterson312
Planning Commission (3 Years)Thea Schwartz297
Planning Commission (3 Years)Theo Kennedy296
Lister (3 Years)Eric Young302
Approve 2013 Town Plan


2012 Town Meeting Results

Town Officers                                                         # Votes

Town Clerk Cindy Carlson 370
Treasurer Cindy Carlson 363
Trustee of Public Funds Cindy Carlson 354
Select Board Peter Hood 337
Select Board Mary Alexander 269
                                                Angelo Napolitano 84
Cemetery Commission Janet McKinstry 357
Budget Committee Tim Hayward 325
Lister Dick Alderman 331
Delinquent Tax Collector Cindy Carlson 352
Planning Commission John Krezinski 303
Planning Commission Dick Alderman 296


Rumney School

School Director Chris McVeigh 345
Budget $2,295,522 Yes 249
  No 125
To borrow in anticipation of revenue Yes 279
  No 96
School Director Julie Moore 322
Reserve Fund Yes 300
  No 72
$30,000 Feasibility Study Yes 204
  No 174